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    Many people find it overwhelming trying to choose the right insurance solution for their specific needs. I help to guide my clients every step of the way, to ensure that the process of deciding on the right type of product and the right amount of coverage, is a positive learning experience rather than something that we all know we need to do.

    The following 6 steps will ensure that your insurance goals are achieved and that you walk away with the exact type and amount of insurance you need.

    STEP #1 Identify Goals & Objectives: The first step in defining your insurance needs is to figure out exactly what you would like your insurance to do for you and your family.

    STEP #2 Analyze: I will review the information you’ve provided to make sure that there is a fit between what I can offer you and what you’re looking for.

    STEP #3 Professional Recommendations: I will then offer you my professional recommendation(s) along with the specific insurance products and strategies that I believe will best fit your needs.

    STEP #4 Client Feedback: I would like to hear your opinions on what I’ve recommended. Choosing the right insurance product is a very important decision, and I don’t want to simply choose for you.

    STEP #5 Implementation: If you feel that my recommendation will help you achieve all that we’ve discussed together, we can now start the process of implementing them one step at a time.

    STEP #6 Continuous Management: I will continue to monitor your policies to ensure that your goals are achieved.

    Buying Insurance:

    Make sure you get the right insurance to meet your needs, which may change over time. Be sure to evaluate your situation from time to time, as you may need to update your policy after major life events such as: Starting a family, buying a home, starting a business, or planning for your retirement.

    Your decisions about the type and amount of insurance you get will depend on your situation, your budget, your personal beliefs, and the value of what you are insuring. Know what insurance coverage you already have so that you do not buy unnecessary coverage. For example, your employer’s benefits plan may offer supplementary health coverage, or travel health insurance may be included if you pay for your trip with a credit card.

    When Buying Insurance:

    - Evaluate your situation to determine what risks you may need to insure against. You may also wish to have an emergency savings fund to protect you against some of the smaller financial risks.

    - Shop around and compare both the coverage and the prices. Some policies may be cheaper but may not offer the same level of service or coverage.

    - Work with a trusted independent insurance broker who’s able to shop the markets for you. An independent broker offers you the advantage of working with many carriers as opposed to a captive agent who’s generally limited to a single insurance carrier. Because of this, the selection process with a captive agent can be skewed towards one insurance company.

    Qualifying for Insurance:

    It has been said that responsible people buy life insurance for one of two reasons; they either love someone or they owe someone. However, purchasing life insurance is not as easy as buying any other type of financial product. Just because someone wants life insurance and is willing to pay for it, does not automatically mean that an insurance company will offer to insure them.

    Once someone applies for life insurance coverage, the application must go through a strict underwriting process by the insurance company before an individual is eligible to even purchase the policy. Insurance companies will evaluate whether they will issue a policy based on certain criteria, such as:
    - your age and medical history
    - any previous claims you have made
    - the amount of coverage you are requesting.

    No matter what type of insurance you are applying for, be sure to answer all questions on the application fully and honestly. If you don’t, your policy could be canceled and any claim you make in the future could be refused.

    Your individual needs must be considered and prioritized before making any decisions. I can help! Contact me today to help you determine your needs and decide which product is best for you.

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